Tomasz Kolerski is the Associate Professor in Gdansk University of Technology, under the discipline of Civil Engineering and Transport, since 2017. As his career, he has been working on ice dynamics and simulating its process implementing mathematical modelling. He has scrutinized a number of research works on ice Vistula River ice jamming and ice passage through reservoirs. He previously has been the Research Associate at Clarkson University from 2006 to 2010. During this period, he worked on the mathematical CRISSP2D model of ice simulation and performed studies on bed changes of St. Clair River and ice boom on rivers and lakes. Prior to that he was a PhD assistant in Institute of Hydro-Engineering, Polish Academy of Science. As the benefit of hindsight, Tomasz appreciates his international cooperation with numerous groups, seeking for their knowledge to be applied in polish projects of his. Currently, he is an active person in the IAHR Committee on Ice Research and Engineering, working as the Chair.


Parisa Radan (secretary)

Wojciech Artichowicz
Beata Jaworska Szulc
Joanna Kaliszuk
Bogusław Pawłowski
Patrycja Mikos-Studnicka
Krzysztof Szarf
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